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About Aziza

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Aziza Alexandrite is Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Level 2 QHHT Practitioner. She also has created her own Hypnosis Healing Technique based on the teachings from A COURSE IN MIRACLES.

 Aziza offers 5 different types of Hypnosis:

1.  Traditional Hypnosis – This type of Hypnosis addresses behavior and habits.  Like quitting smoking, losing weight, building confidence, etc.

Additionally, she works with clients on life challenges which  people face almost every day. Some of her greatest successes come from assisting people in losing weight, stopping smoking, reducing stress, and increasing self-esteem. You can find a list of what she helps clients with on this page.

2. “Past Life”  Regression Therapy.

3. Life in Between Lives Regression Therapy (also known as Spirit World regression).

4. QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

5. SGHH Subconscious Guilt Healing Hypnosis

Aziza is a Spiritual Teacher, based on the Principle teachings in A Course in Miracles.

Study of the religions of the world. Study of Near Death Experiences.

And most importantly, finally understanding the futility of many things in life and the deep fear we all have in  Death awaiting all of our  bodies.

She also has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from CSUN in Southern California.  Before finding her calling as a Spiritual Teacher and Hypnotherapist, she worked in the corporate world for such highly-respected companies as Xerox and Abbott Diagnostics. She was highly valued for her willingness to continue working until the job was complete, no matter what obstacles stood in her way. She continues when others give up. She brings this same determination to see things through to the end with her work with clients. Don’t be concerned that your problems are “too hard to address”.

Aziza is also a very passionate Inspirational Speaker and Life Coach. She has led seminars for Landmark Education, the world’s largest personal growth and development company. Landmark Education course leaders go through intense training lasting several years to become skilled in helping others to have breakthroughs in any area of their life. She is a retired Landmark Education Seminar Leader. She lead seminars in the following topics: Commitment, Relationships, Integrity, Excellence, Sex and Intimacy, Effectiveness, Velocity, and Money.

Professional and Personal Qualifications

●      QHHT Practitioner Level 2
●      Holms School of Hypnotists Certification
●      Spiritual Teacher – A course in Miracles
●      Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration– CSUN
●      Seminar Leader Landmark Education (retired)
●      Personal Coach
●      Bilingual Spanish and English

You can contact Aziza here.

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