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Lose Weight

Losing weight seems easy enough, doesn’t it? Eat less, exercise more. So why is it so difficult to do in practice? Because it’s actually not that simple. The body is a complex machine. You go on a diet and your body will adapt by reducing the number of calories you need to eat, making it harder to lose weight. Just what you needed, right?

And if fighting your body wasn’t hard enough, there’s the mental battle, too. Our society revolves around food. Don’t believe us? Next time you are watching TV count the fraction of commercials focused on food or drink. It’s a staggering amount! Add to that beliefs that some people just “can’t” lose weight, the stress of modern life, and the oftentimes unhelpful advice and “support” that our friends and family give us and you’ll see why we have such a problem with obesity! This is where hypnotherapy comes in.

Hypnotherapy to Lose Weight

The truth is that we all eat more than is strictly necessary. Food plays a major role in social activities, improving one’s mood, and even entertainment! (C’mon now, you didn’t think that bucket of buttered popcorn you had at the movies was diet food, did you?) And yet, some people seem to be able to stick to their diet no matter what temptations are around them.

If you’ve had problems losing weight before, it doesn’t mean you lack self-discipline. All it means is that your subconscious mind is resisting what your conscious mind wants. Changing this is what hypnotherapy is all about!

We’ll work with you on shifting your subconscious so that eating right will be as natural to you as eating wrong is now. The next time someone offers you a piece of flourless double chocolate cake you’ll have no problem declining. That doesn’t mean you can never eat sweets again. But you will have the power to make the choice whether to have some or not. No more cravings. No more beating yourself up afterward.

Most people will never lose the weight they want. Don’t be a statistic! Find out how effortless weight loss can be when your subconscious is on your side instead of fighting you.

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